12 Essentials

Our original 12 Essentials of Visual Marketing were developed over 20 yeas ago. They are as relevant today as they were when developed. These are the design and marketing principles that Golinko Design follows to ensure that every project is treated with the attention and respect it deserves.


Know your audience
Your audience has specific needs and expectations. Know what they are and be sure you can fulfill them. Remember, you probably have more than one audience. Never stop asking questions.


Communicate the benefits
To create interest, state your benefits as briefly as possible. If you can’t say it in one or two sentences, chances are your message will be lost. Details come only after interest is created.


Speak to the eyes
What the eyes perceive, the mind believes. Most people don’t buy through logic. They buy through perception. When the eyes are pleased, the mind will follow.


Present it right the first time
You only have one chance to make a first impression. It can not be erased. It must be welcoming, interesting, visually stimulating and of high quality. Remember, you are in a serious image game.


Speak in one consistant voice
Communicate a unified, consistent message at all levels to create a strong brand image. Build equity and brand loyalty by keeping up the image in everything you do. Remember: perception is reality.


Use the power of repetition
You will get tired of your message long before your public does. Say it often enough and it becomes reality.


Look organized
Organization creates strength and confidence. Like a well designed structure, build the framework, then add substance.


Be cautious of fads
When you incorporate fads in your visual marketing, you become a follower, relying on someone else’s creation. Don’t be swayed by the fad of the day. Create your own image and stick with it.


Keep it clean
Filling up the white space around a visual message is like creating static around music. You can’t hear the song. Give your messages breathing room. Avoid visual clutter.


Keep it simple
The human eye communicates directly to the brain. It is a powerful influence on how the brain forms opinions and makes decisions. Speak to the eyes in a simple and direct manner and you will get the attention you feel you deserve.


Know your competition
Keep up to date on how your competition is communicating to your audience. Don’t work in a vacuum. Differentiate yourself from the competition in a powerful way and you will stand out from the crowd.


Promise what you can deliver
Know your strengths and weaknesses. Build on the strengths and eliminate the weaknesses. If your audience’s expectations are not met, you will loose them forever. Keep them coming back for more.